I’m a highly adaptable and versatile engineer who has constantly grown in scope, impact, and performance. I have wide variety of experiences across technical environments and a strong systems and software engineering background. I have designed CI/CD pipelines, wrangled Kubernetes clusters, ran multiple 100+ node distributed computing clusters, and turned fragile, opaque, automation into scalable, resilient, transparent, services throughout my career. I’m a whole-systems thinker and believe that reliability is everyone’s responsibility.


Senior Software Engineer - Reliability @ ConductorOne, November 2023 - present

I am the first reliability hire and am responsible for pushing the company along the reliability maturity curve.

I’ve contributed to and written Terraform and Pulumi providers (including adding users to the Temporal Cloud Terraform provider), released an open-source connector for our app, created an observability-as-code framework, wrote the first SLOs in company history, and helped migrate to Temporal Cloud (again), amongst other things.

Site Reliability Engineer @ Box, February 2022 to September 2023

At Box, I was a high-performing engineer lauded for versatility, friendliness, and productivity. I owned multiple 100+ node Apache Kafka & ElasticSearch clusters and other data transformation infrastructure, supported the company-wide observability pipeline, and broadly supported all services as part of company-wide SRE team, at various points.

Some key accomplishments:

  • saving $2 million in operational costs over 4 years as engineering lead and project manager for on-time migration to Temporal Cloud from self-managed Temporal.
  • saving ~1.25 FTE equivalent of effort annually by reducing time to resolution and overall tenant request volume for two different teams with the implementation of a formalized engagement contract, runbook automation in Bash and Python, and a new on-call process between service owners and tenants,
  • saving ~140 hours of effort annually across the company by reducing mean time to diagnosis by architecting and building custom Box-integration diagnostic automation platform using Go, MySQL on CloudSQL, GCP PubSub, Redis, Prometheus, and TypeScript/SvelteKit on GKE,
  • saving a reduction of ~150 hours of effort annually as measured by incident response time as co-lead for on-time migration ~30% of tenants off on-premise data access platform onto managed CloudSQL,
  • building out smoke testing & database migration automation using Python running on GKE, wrote CloudSQL Auth Proxy Kubernetes sidecar, and enforced compliance with Box’s security policies for said CloudSQL migration,
  • achieving a ~50% reduction in topic creation time and ~15% reduction in overall tenant requests for team with self-service Apache Kafka topic creation automation using Jenkins, Python, and Terragrunt,
  • reducing downtime by 75% during migration of Sensu Go monitoring platform from on-premise to GCP by building out monitoring & alerting strategy and Etcd cluster,
  • consulting on Python best practices for and collaborating on the implementation on a custom analytics API for the Core Data platform.
  • I organized & facilitated team building summit for entire department and team building social hour for two different teams.
  • I mentored the team’s junior engineer.
  • I was recognized at the org level by management as the most productive engineer for the quarter.

DevOps Engineer @ Jama Software, December 2020 to February 2022

I was a key player of developer productivity-oriented Agile team responsible for CI/CD, code quality, artifact storage, development, staging, and DR environments, customer datacenter deployment orchestration, and Kubernetes migration, amongst other things. I frequently partnered and collaborated with the SRE team and was promoted in less than 6 months.

Some highlights from my time at Jama include:

  • saving ~$1 million in cloud computing costs annually with autoscaling service built with Python, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, MongoDB, Redis, & EKS,
  • saving ~5 days of effort annually by automating manual release process using Python, Bash, and TeamCity,
  • gaining the company ~910 hours of effort annually by decreasing artifact build time with redesigned image inheritance strategy,
  • creating the design for a combined AWS CodeBuild/TeamCity CI/CD pipeline, and trialed GitHub Actions, CircleCI, DroneCI, amongst other solutions, as engineering lead for design of a new CI/CD pipeline,
  • leading the POC for tooling for the company’s Kubernetes migration, trialing CD, local development environment environment, and deployment manifest solutions such as ArgoCD, FluxCD, k3d, minikube, Helm, and cdk8s,
  • mentoring the team’s junior engineer, who is still a close friend,
  • organizing and facilitating a team-building bicycling trip,
  • and co-founding the company’s LGBTQ ERG, and brought in a professional linguist as a guest speaker.

DevOps Engineer @ ChamberDS, February 2020 to December 2020

I was the first infrastructure engineer for mobile-first app development consultancy and incubator, and acted as a systems architect, cloud engineer, security engineer, and FinOps engineer. Many hats, many hats!

Some greatest hits from my time there:

  • Accomplished ~310 hour reduction in annual total mean time to resolution by documenting incident response processes and writing automation in Python, Node.js, and Bash
  • Achieved ~15% average reduction in cloud computing costs per client by proper capacity planning, implementation of autoscaling, and re-engineering of workloads
  • Gained ~75 hours of uptime annually on average per client by implementing architectural and monitoring best practices across the company
  • Realized a 50% reduction in infrastructure provisioning time with implementation of Terraform and Ansible, greatly increasing developer clock speed
  • and performed monthly security & dependency audits, and implemented & tested security fixes for services.

Support Engineer @ Chrome River Technologies, Janurary 2019 - June 2019

I was a highly-technical support engineer for a large enterprise financial software company, providing subject-matter expertise on the mobile application and email flows for two different products. I saved the company ~1800 work hours a year by automating email batch troubleshooting with SQL and was month-to-month leader in customer satisfaction surveys.

Freelance Systems Administrator, May 2018 - Decemeber 2019 & June 2019 - February 2020

I ran websites & storage networks, automated complex tasks with Python & AppleScript, configured and installed networks, and set up device management, amongst other things, for a variety of small-medium business clients.

Lead Technical Support Analyst @ Occidental College, August 2016 - May 2018

I was a technical support analyst, and part-time systems administrator for day-to-day operations of a higher education environment. I became team lead within the first month. I achieved a 25% average reduction in time to resolution for various macOS/Linux related manual tasks by automating them with Python & Bash, provided training on macOS/Linux troubleshooting, and redesigned & reimplemented the campus digital signage system.


  • Programming/Scripting Languages: Python (FastAPI, Flask, Celery, etc.), Go (Echo, Watermill, Gin, gORM, etc.), JavaScript/TypeScript (Node.js, Deno, SvelteKit, React.js, etc.), Bash, HTML, CSS, SQL, some Rust (PyO3), some Java, some Groovy

  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, BigTable, BigQuery, etcd, some Neo4j

  • Messaging & Streaming: Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, GCP PubSub, Redis

  • Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, Alpine, etc.

  • Infrastructure as Code: Terraform, Terragrunt, CDKTF, Pulumi, provider development for Terraform & Pulumi, Ansible, AWS CloudFormation

  • Configuration Management: Packer, Puppet, Ansible

  • Container Orchestration: Docker, ECS, Kubernetes, GKE, EKS, k3s, Istio, Traefik, cdk8s, Helm, Kustomize

  • CI/CD: Drone CI, AWS CodeBuild, TeamCity, Jenkins, GitHub Actions, FluxCD, etc.

  • Version Control & Artifact Management: Git, GitHub, AWS ECR, GCP Artifact Registry, JFrog Artifactory

  • REST APIs: Design & implementation, OpenAPI/Swagger, Swagger UI, Swagger/OpenAPI Codegen

  • gRPC

  • Observability, Monitoring, & Logging: Splunk, Wavefront, Sensu Go, Prometheus, Datadog, New Relic, AWS CloudWatch, etc.

  • Cloud Computing: AWS (ECS, EC2, ELB, S3, RDS, AuroraDB, EKS, CloudWatch, CloudFront, CodeBuild, etc.), GCP (GKE, GCE, GCS, Cloud Load Balancing, CloudSQL, PubSub, BigTable, BigQuery, Dataproc, Dataflow, etc.)

  • Workflow Orchestration: Temporal, Apache Airflow

  • Web Servers: Nginx, Apache, HAProxy, Apache Tomcat

  • Other: SDLC, Process re-engineering, SRE/DevOps strategy, Agile (kanban, scrum, Jira)


I have a Bachelor’s degree from Occidental College.