About Me

Hi hi. I’m an SRE, currently at ConductorOne. I used to work at Box. You can call me EJ.

About This Blog

This is (mainly) (kinda sorta) a tech blog. I mostly have written about Python, how much I hate coding challenges but do them anyway for Fun™, and various other musings about tech with random life updates thrown in sometimes. No regular cadence, no regular theme, just whatever I feel like writing!

Also: hi if you’re a recruiter and I applied to your company! It’s nice to see people

(Actually) About Me

I am currently a Senior Software Engineer - Reliability (or Sr. SRE) at ConductorOne.

Obligatory: views are my own and not my employer’s.

I’m a highly adaptable and versatile engineer with a wide variety of experiences across technical environments and a strong systems and software engineering background. I have designed CI/CD pipelines, wrangled Kubernetes clusters, ran multiple 100+ node distributed computing clusters, and turned fragile, opaque, automation into scalable, resilient, transparent, services throughout my career. I’m a whole-systems thinker, believe that reliability is everyone’s responsibility, and know that empathy and moral decision making are key engineering skills.

My favorite programming language is Go, and I also am generally a fan of Python, Rust, Haskell, JavaScript/TypeScript, SvelteKit, and Pkl. I prefer vim over emacs and zsh over bash. In general I have varied interests in tech, including: SRE strategy, systems design, platform engineering, vintage Apple products, and functional programming. You can see my full resume here.

Outside of tech, I’m interested in wine, cocktails, specialty coffee, tea, fine dining, science fiction, Japanese literature, literary fiction, poetry, writing, experimental, participatory, & interactive theater, photography, art broadly, philosophy (specifically moral psychology, philosophy of language, epistemic injustice, and metaphilosophy), linguistics (specifically semantics, pragmatics, and onomastics), OSINT, cycling, and urban planning & history. I dearly miss Anthony Bourdain.

I am also deeply invested in justice and equity within tech, especially LGBTQ and gender equity, and I strive for a more perfect internet and a more perfect world, and I’m motivated to cultivate empathy, grace, good faith, and kindness in tech. Please feel free to connect with me, even if you just want to chat!